A customer selects a product by clicking on the Add to the Cart CTA button on the product page. It is the last step in the purchasing process. Most customers abandon their shopping carts when they find their shopping cart page very complex, which can be very frustrating for ecommerce businesses. According to a report, ecommerce businesses lose 75% of their sales to cart abandonment, annually approximately $4.6 trillion worth of products are abandoned, and only 2.86% of ecommerce site visits convert into a purchase.

It is important for ecommerce sites to interact and present information to customers when they add products to their shopping cart. They need to know and understand what they are about to purchase; therefore, you need to implement these best practices for your cart functionality:

1. Product summary

Concise information of the product must be displayed in the cart page, especially the product name, brief summary of the product, price of the product, quantity, image of the product (high-quality thumbnail), order number, in stock, shipping details, progress indicator, option to remove the product, total price of the product and subtotal of products.

2. CTA buttons must stand out

The most important elements of the cart page are the call to action (CTA) buttons. Each time a customer clicks them, it brings them closer to the final purchase. You must ensure that the CTA is clear, comprehensible, and visually striking.

3. Display the total cost

You must be very clear about the total cost of the products as customers want to know how much they are paying. Most customers abandon their cart because additional costs like taxes and shipping charges are added later.

4. Check-out before Register/Sign-up/Create an account

Customers get irked and abandon their cart when they are made to register or sign-up right before checkout. You need to let them complete their checkout process as a guest, then later ask them if they want to create an account.

5. Exit intent

Many customers abandon the cart before completing checkout. Therefore, to convince them to stay and make the purchase, you need to add exit-intent pop-ups. You can provide them with offers or discount codes and lead them back to the checkout.

6. Upsell and Cross-sell

According to a research report, upselling is 20 times more effective than cross-selling. You must upsell or cross-sell products without cluttering the cart page.


What is a mini cart?

A mini cart is an icon that reveals the order summary (color, size, quantity, price) when one places the cursor on it.

What is an online checkout?

Making payments online for products and delivery through electronic devices on an eCommerce website is called an online checkout.

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