The most important area to concentrate on to increase the conversion rate on your ecommerce site is the category pages. To create a pleasant shopping experience for the users, you need to organize the category page design in a way that encourages them to make purchases. Here’s how you can optimize your category page:

1. Enhance the loading speed

Customers lose interest or exit ecommerce sites when the loading speed of pages is excruciatingly slow. Therefore, you must optimize your back-end configurations and use the speed optimization tactics to get the ideal loading time on your site.

2. Use consistent product images

Consistent, clear and high-quality product images are a must in an ecommerce site. Displaying uniform and consistent product images on a single page can enhance the look and feel of the category page.

3. Incorporate ‘Latest Arrivals’ to the category pages

Another way to engage users is by adding ‘Latest Arrivals’ or ‘New on Store’ to your category page. This will let your visitors know about the latest products available on your site.

4. Incorporate interactive filter

Adding interactive filters can help users narrow their choices and take them swiftly to the conversion funnel. The filters in the category pages should be used meticulously. You need to add filters according to the category type.

5. Use CTA buttons

There are two functions of CTA buttons in an ecommerce store, that is, to lead the customer to the conversion funnel and to guide them to take the next step. At times the CTA button is omitted on the product category listing. It is assumed that customers are already aware of how to get to the product page and will add the products to the cart themselves. But that is a common misconception, as they prefer to be directed to the checkout with a CTA button around the product. Single product shoppers find this process quite easy as it takes them directly to checkout.


What is a category page?

A category page is defined as a webpage where similar subjects or themes of products are organized in such a way that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for. It functions as an index of all the pages and posts pertaining to a specific subject.

What is a product listing page?

A product listing page (PLP) is a webpage where the results of an internal search or category pages are listed/displayed. It functions as a catalog for the eCommerce site. It displays all the products within a category or when a filter is applied or available for sale.

What is a category tree?

A category tree comprises one or more main/root categories which have multiple subcategories or nodes under them. For instance, in Amazon (US) ‘Baby’ is the main/root category, while ‘Activity & Entertainment,’ ‘Apparel & Accessories,’ ‘Baby & Toddler Toys’, and more are subcategories or nodes.

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