Many customers quit the website when they have difficulties during checkout. And if the problem persists more than three times, they consider it as a bad experience and stop shopping on that website.

Here’s what you can do to prevent checkout abandonment.

1. Guest check out option

Give the customer the option to checkout as a ‘Guest.’ Later you can recommend them to register with your brand. Making it compulsory for customers to register and log-in in order to make purchases can simply drive them away.

2. Social login option to register

Most consumers have social media accounts. Therefore it is easy for them to register, as all their details are automatically filled, and they don’t have to waste their time registering or repeating your details.

3. Provide multiple payment options including wallets

Most ecommerce businesses do not provide many payment options for customers or customers are unable to find the payment option they prefer. Few customers leave when their card gets declined. Therefore, offer multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, cash/cash on delivery (COD), Paypal, wallets, mobile payments, and others.

4. Pick-up from an offline store

For fast delivery, you can provide customers with the option of ‘pick-up’ from the store or outlet. Customers can physically go to the outlet and pick up what they have ordered. This gives them an omnichannel customer experience.

5. Single page checkout experience

Customers don’t like it when their check out process is complex and lengthy. They prefer instant check out. Therefore, you need to give them a single page checkout experience by putting their shipping details and summary of their products on the same page as the checkout page.

6. Confirmation after purchase

After giving their personal information, customers should know the status of their orders. It is a good practice to clearly inform them about the status of their order by writing a confirmation or thank you note/email summarizing their purchase to inform them that the order has been received.

What is a checkout page?

A check out page is a website page where customers initiate their payment process for their orders.

How can I improve my checkout experience?

You can improve your checkout experience by providing customers the option to place the order as a guest, providing multiple payment options, providing pick-up options from offline stores, add social login to register, provide a single page checkout and confirmation note/email.

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