The main aim of ecommerce websites is to promote sales, and this can be achieved by creating an excellent product page. According to research, an average of 2.42% of ecommerce site visits converts into purchases. In order to increase sales, you need to implement one or a combination of multiple conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to your product pages. Here’s how you can make stellar product pages:

1. High-quality images

Use high quality and relevant images on your product pages. It provides visitors with visual details of products. You must also see that the images download fast, and it must be mobile friendly too. Product videos can also be used to engage customers.

2. Multiple images

It is better to display multiple images of a single product as it increases the credibility of the site. Visitors prefer checking the product from all angles (a 360-view), as it gives them a glimpse of the complete product they are about to purchase.

3. Product features/ description/ information

It is important for ecommerce sites to provide a detailed description of the products. Visitors would like to know what exactly they are purchasing, especially the size, quality, quantity, material, ingredients, etc. of the product. It is also very important to provide customers with various information like the details of the manufacturer, price, shipping and return policies, ratings, estimated delivery, and more.

4. Cross-sell and upsell other products

You can help customers to purchase other related products along with the main product by providing them with various options on the product page itself. Suggesting similar products can enhance the browsing experience and increase sales.

5. Product reviews

Customers are more likely to make purchases after reading the reviews provided by other customers. The product page must contain product reviews and images to give prospects an insight into the product they are about to purchase.

6. Product FAQs

Adding product FAQs can clear various doubts and queries of customers. It also gives them an insight into the product/ service before they proceed to make the purchase.

7. CTA

It is imperative for ecommerce sites to have a CTA button on the product page. You must ensure the CTA button is visible and in contrast with the color scheme of the rest of the page. It should stand out and grab the attention of the visitor.

8. Compare functionality

In case you are offering discounts on products, you must display the original price as well as the discounted price. Display the percentage savings, as well as the actual savings, as this can entice the customers to make the purchase. Position the price details next to the CTA so that it can influence them to make a quick decision. You can also use the compare functionality between two or more products.

9. Add to wish list

One of the best practices is to include the CTA button Add to wish list for customers who would like to create personalized collections of products they may want to purchase. They can save these products in their user account. This gives them the opportunity to review and survey similar products and then make the best decision or simply purchase later.

10. Breadcrumbs to navigate back to the category page

Add a Back or Go Back button to your product page, so that customers can go directly to the category page to explore other categories and products.


What is a product page?

A product page, also known as a product detail page (PDP), is defined as a webpage of an ecommerce site that showcases a product’s description.

How do you write a good product page?

One can create a good product page by adding product images, product name, CTAs, search bar, product description, wish list, price, and more.

What makes a great product page?

Ecommerce businesses like to give customers the best information possible about their products to convince them to make the purchase. To make a great product page, you need to have a clear CTA, high-quality product images, right images of the product, variants of the images, right details of the product, right price of the product, well-branded product page, exclusive content, social proof, and a good understanding of their customers.

What makes a good product description?

The product description is one of the most important aspects of a product page. You need to write a good product description that can persuade the customers to make a purchase by understanding your target audience and relate to them, give them complete information about the product, describe the benefits of the product, use a natural or human tone, alluring vocabulary, make it comprehensible and add high-quality images to support the description.

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