Customer acquisition: Help customers find you

What’s the benefit of having an awesome ecommerce site if nobody finds it? Solutions that incorporate or integrate with marketing and advertising technology can help you target and attract potential customers to your site.

Content management: Drive engagement

The content management component of your ecommerce platform is crucial, helping ensure that visitors see specific products and information, as well as guiding them through their purchasing journey.

As one example, a recommendation tool can suggest complementary products based on the behavior of similar buyers — and that’s just the tip of the personalization iceberg. The more sophisticated content management systems become, the more personalization capabilities they’ll offer based on what is already known about the customer.

Shopping cart: Offer a great checkout experience

If you offer customers a disjointed experience as soon as they put items in their shopping cart, don’t be surprised if they abandon midway through. Enrich the experience by offering them a fast, easy, and functional checkout process that allows them to tally their purchases, edit, remove, and add items to their cart, apply promo codes, and select payment options.

And it’s not all about them — this is also the best moment for you to gather specific demographic information on each shopper that you can leverage for future marketing activities.

Customer management: Keep the conversation going

As mentioned earlier, your relationship-building opportunities with your customers don’t end once they’ve completed their purchase. Remember that data-gathering aspect we just referred to? This is your chance to analyze all that information and use it to create more personalized interactions in the future.

Marketing automation and email marketing

A solid ecommerce platform will include email marketing capabilities. The tool should offer automated process management and reporting to reduce the level of human input needed for repetitive tasks, as well as include opt-in and opt-out features. It will also enable retailers to easily inform opted-in customers about new offers or information about products or services that might be of interest to them based on their previous experiences with your brand.

More advanced solutions will work with the personalization features of the ecommerce platform to ensure that communications are tailored to specific customer needs and preferences, including purchasing history.

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