It is critical to make your site appealing to customers. You must have a well-designed layout and high-resolution product images. In your ecommerce layout, you must have a design that is simple, eye-catching, and easy to navigate. The size of the pictures should be good enough for the customers to view what they are purchasing. Dynamic content can be used for product photos. Lastly, while creating your site, you must keep in mind the mobile design.

How can I improve my ecommerce website?

Here’s how you can improve your ecommerce website:

1. Navigation

Site navigation is very important, as customers can instantly find what they are looking for and are more likely to make the purchase. Test the navigation flow and enhance your site navigation.

2. Speed

40% of customers abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, you must ensure that your site is fast.

3. Product images and product description/copy

People will not make purchases if the quality of product images and descriptions are poor. It is very important for ecommerce businesses to produce images that customers are able to view on their mobile or laptop.

4. Reviews

Around 84% of customers trust online reviews. Therefore, you must ask previous customers for giving feedback and reviews of your products or services.

5. Paid or free shipping

Not many customers like shipping charges, this mostly prevents them from making a purchase. Most ecommerce retailers cite ‘free shipping with conditions’, as it can factor into the cost of the products.

6. Upselling

It takes a lot of hard work to convince someone to visit your site. To increase your sales, you must suggest products that complement the product they have selected.

7. Security badges

Customers don’t trust online brands that easily, as they may have not physically seen or experienced the products. Therefore, it is crucial to display the security badge that is provided by your merchant to prove the authenticity of your brand.

8. Social proof

Nowadays, social proof is necessary if you have an ecommerce site. Customers make purchases and influence others also to do the same through social media. To increase your conversion rates, it is necessary to display your customer reviews, likes, recommendations, product alerts, and purchase counter.


9. Call to Actions (CTA)

Your main objective should be to make users add products to their cart. Therefore, create a clear CTA button (Add to cart). The size, color, location, and copy of the button all drive customers to make a purchase.

10. Cart abandonment software

You can integrate cart abandonment software, as it can help generate offers to lure the users when they leave your website. Free shipping and small discounts can encourage them to stay and buy something instantly.

11. FAQ page

Create an FAQ page for the customers, as they have so many questions regarding your products and services. If you can answer the queries on the spot, they are more likely to stay and make purchases.

12. Live chat

Live chat is even better than an FAQ page. Instantly helping the users can encourage them to make purchases.

13. Blogging

To increase traffic and sales, you need to start blogging. Blogging can attract long keyword searches, and content used can help users convert. It also gets you social exposure, as it provides useful/valuable information.

How can eCommerce customer satisfaction be improved?

An ecommerce customer satisfaction can be improved by personalizing every customer experience, providing 24/7 live chat, establishing a user-friendly return policy, creating an FAQ section on your site, providing a billing history and analyzing, and measuring customer satisfaction.

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