eCommerce best practices for cart functionality

A customer selects a product by clicking on the Add to the Cart CTA button on the product page. It is the last step in the purchasing process. Most customers abandon their shopping carts when they find their shopping cart page very complex, which can be very frustrating for ecommerce businesses.

eCommerce best practices for product page

The main aim of ecommerce websites is to promote sales, and this can be achieved by creating an excellent product page. According to research, an average of 2.42% of ecommerce site visits converts into purchases.

How can I make my ecommerce website more attractive?

It is critical to make your site appealing to customers. You must have a well-designed layout and high-resolution product images. In your ecommerce layout, you must have a design that is simple, eye-catching, and easy to navigate.

eCommerce best practices for homepage

The first thing users do when they land on your site is to explore the homepage. It is imperative to have a user-friendly interface for giving the users an engaging and immersive experience on your site.