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Our eCommerce Consultant specialists typically start by learning all there is to know about your business familiarizing with your corporate goals, culture, vision and mission. Then they set out to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current online presence before developing a customized ecommerce strategy and supervising its successful implementation.

Price: $45 per fraction of 30min Hotline Service

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Want a dedicated ecommerce specialist to focus on your online venture but can’t justify the expense for a full-time employee yet? Need a Director of Ecommerce to monitor and promote your site’s progress without overly draining your resources and your budget? Try eCommerce Consultant, our popular solution for growing e-businesses.

Here is how it works: the eCommerce consultant is a web specialist who combines ecommerce expertise with a deep understanding of your specific industry, connected directly with you. This person will act as your Director of Ecommerce, your dedicated manager in all website monitoring, evaluating and optimizing tasks.

Your new eCommerce Consultant will instantly go to work for you, helping your online venture delivers and consistently grows revenues and assisting your overall business strategies and branding objectives. How do we ensure that eCommerce Consultant works for you rather than for us and puts your business interests first? Very simply: By incentivizing the business success in proportion to your online success, not ours.


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