Once the purchase is complete, the cycle does not end there. You need to retarget customers by sending them an email or message on their mobile devices thanking them for making the purchase, along with the order summary, shipping information (delivery and tracking)and then a personalized email recommending more personalized products based on their previous purchase/purchases. Here’s how you can encourage customers to return:

1. Effective email marketing

You can increase customer retention by post-purchase email automation. You need to segment your customer list based on their demographics and behavioral patterns and send them targeted, relevant, and personalized emails.

2. Create post-purchase campaigns

After segmenting your customers, create campaigns accordingly, and send them post-purchase emails. You can also create follow up campaigns and reactivation campaigns to keep them coming back for more.

3. Ask for reviews and feedbacks

You can also create a campaign asking customers to rate, review products, and give overall feedback.

4. Encourage referrals

You can encourage referrals to bring back customers. This way, they can be your brand ambassador and encourage their friends and relatives to also make purchases from your brand. Offering special discounts can encourage referrals.


What is a post-purchase experience?

Post-purchase experience is a strategy to always keep in touch with your customers even after making their purchase.

How can I improve the post-purchase experience?

You can improve the post-purchase experience by analyzing the customer behavior and demographics, responding to their reviews and feedback, instantly initiating their refunds and returns, providing them loyalty rewards, sending them reminders and product recommendations.

What is post-purchase dissonance?

A. Post-purchase dissonance is when a customer is dissatisfied with the product or brand and regrets making a purchase from that particular brand.

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